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Nonimmigrant Visas

Nonimmigrant Visas

Nonimmigrant visas are for international travelers, including citizens of other countries, coming to the U.S. temporarily. This visa allows you to travel to a U.S. port-of-entry and request permission of the Department of Homeland Security immigration inspector to enter the United States. A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States.

All applications for nonimmigrant visas should be submitted at our Taipei office.  Our Kaohsiung branch office does not accept nonimmigrant visa applications. 

To apply for a U.S. visa, please click here.

For detailed information about different types of U.S. visas, you may check the U.S. Department of State’s website here.

It's Important to Apply Early

We look forward to welcoming qualified visitors to our country for tourism, business, study, cultural and other purposes. When Planning for trips to the United States, we encourage you to plan ahead to allow us enough time to process your visa before your trip. We recommend that travelers begin the visa application process by scheduling your appointment as early as possible. This will ensure we have plenty of time to conduct your interview, review your application, and determine whether we can issue a visa. We thank you for your cooperation and interest in visiting our country.

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