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Nonimmigrant Visa Application Forms

Nonimmigrant Visa Application Forms

All visa applications shall be completed in English.  NOTE: When printing out visa application forms, please use standard blank white paper.  AIT will not accept visa application forms printed on any of the following: colored paper, paper with watermarks, "recycled" paper (with printing on the back side), and thermal transfer paper.

Please note that appointments for applicants who completed the DS-156/DS-157/DS-158 have been fully scheduled at this time. We encourage you to complete the DS-160 in order to schedule an appointment for your visa interview.

  •  DS-156 (Nonimmigrant Visa Application):

    Each visa applicant must complete this form via one of the following ways, and then take the completed form to the interview.  If you have changed names, please include previous name(s) on the application form DS-156 and bring a copy of your household registration record to your interview.

    • On-line Application Form
      Fill in the form and then make an appointment online.  There is no need to visit Application Processing Center.
    • Non-electronic Visa Application Form (PDF file)
      Print and complete this form, then take the form to the Application Processing Center.
    • Electronic Visa Application Form (e-Form)
      Applicants for diplomatic or official visa classes should complete this form.  Exchange visitor (J) visa applicants participating in a program sponsored by the U.S. Federal Government whose program number begins with “G-1”, “G-2”, “G-3”, or “G-7” should also complete this form.  These applicants may come directly to the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit Information Window from 8:00 to 10:00 am on any working day.  No appointment is needed.
  • DS-157 (Supplemental nonimmigrant visa application) (PDF file)
    Male applicants aged 16 through 45 must also complete this form.  Print and complete this form, then bring it to the interview.
  • DS-158 (Contact information and work history for nonimmigrant visa application) (PDF file)
    F, J, M (student and exchange visitor visa) applicants must also complete this form.  Print and complete this form, then take it to the interview.
  • DS-160: Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application Form (Online form)

    Effective June 1, 2010, each nonimmigrant visa applicant must fill out an online DS-160.  The DS-160 has replaced all of the following forms: DS-156, DS-157, and DS-158, which are no longer necessary.  (Except for K-1/K-2 fiance(e) visa classes which still require use of the Forms DS-156 and DS-156K.  Please note that K visas are processed by the Immigrant Visa Unit.)  If you are applying for an E-1 treaty trader or an E-2 treaty investor visa, you should also complete a DS-156E form in addition to the DS-160.  (see below) 

    The DS-160 form must be completed in English, except for the field specifying the applicant’s name in their native language.  Most text displayed on the pages of the DS-160 application have been translated.  When completing the DS-160, please select a tooltip language from the right upper corner of the screen.  You may then view the translation by positioning your mouse cursor over any group of text displayed on the page.  To apply at AIT, please select “Taipei, Taiwan” as the location where you will be submitting your application.  Once when you have completed a DS-160 application form online, please print out a confirmation page with a bar code.  Please attach a 2x2 inche square paper photo on the left lower corner of your DS-160 confirmation page, and bring it to your interview.  
  • DS-156E: Nonimmigrant Treaty Trader / Investor Application (PDF file)
    Treaty trader (E-1) or Treaty investor (E-2) applicants must also complete this form.  Print and complete this form, then bring it  to the interview

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  • Download Free (copy)

    All downloadable documents on this page are provided in PDF format.  To view PDFs you must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You may download a free version by clicking the link above.