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2023 Study of the US Institutes Applications
October 24, 2022

Study of the US Institutes (SUSIs) is an intensive post-graduate level academic program. Its purpose is to deepen participants’ understanding of US society, culture, values, and institutions. It is NOT a research program.

The program is sponsored by the US government and will pay domestic travel and ground transportation; book, cultural, mailing and incidental allowances; and housing and subsistence, as well as arrange and pay for participants’ international and visa travel costs and travel allowances.

▪ Must demonstrate English language fluency (This will be tested.)
▪ Age 30~50, mid-career
▪ No or little US experience

There are two types of SUSIs, please see the information below:
A. SUSI for Scholars
▪ For highly motivated, and experienced scholars and professionals of higher education or research-focused organization (non-for-profits, think tanks, etc.).
▪ 6 weeks: beginning of June 2023 (program date TBC)
▪ 6 themes & hosting Institutes:
American Politics and Political Thought | Uni. of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Contemporary American Literature | Uni. of Montana, Missoula, MT
Journalism and Media | Arizona State Uni., Tempe, AZ
US Culture, Identity, and Society | New York Uni., New York, NY
US Economics and Sustainable Development | Institute for Training and Development
US Foreign Policy | Uni. of Delaware, Newark, DE

B. SUSI for Secondary Educators
▪ For highly motivated, secondary school teachers and administrators (including teacher trainers, curriculum developers, and textbook writers).
▪ 5 weeks: beginning of June 2023 (program date TBC)
▪ Hosting institutes & focus:
Uni. of Montana | for teachers to explore U.S. studies through the lens of democracy and citizenship.
Institute for Training and Development | for teachers to explore the ways in which individual rights and social obligations have evolved through American history.
California State Uni. at Chico | for administrators to focus on sociocultural understanding, equitable learning communities, and diversity and inclusion in U.S. education and society.

How to Apply?
Please submit your SUSI23 application form before November 14, 2022 to leeahw@mail.ait.org.tw. If qualified, AIT will invite you for an English interview through an email before November 30, 2022.
Please do not contact us directly.

When you send the email, please follow the instruction below:
1. Email your application form in both word and pdf file. File name: SUSI23 appl _ your full name in English
2. Email title: apply SUSI23 _ your full name in English