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A message from AIT Director Brent Christensen
April 21, 2020

Read Friends, Real Progress

A message from AIT Director Brent Christensen:

I have been extremely impressed with Taiwans response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only has Taiwan led the world in its domestic response, but we have also received countless offers of assistance from companies and individuals in Taiwan. As Secretary Pompeo said, during tough times, friends stick together, and Taiwan has been a true friend to the United States during this pandemic. Taiwans display of generosity has given AIT and those back in Washington motivation and focus to continue our work during these challenging times. We are particularly grateful for the donations of face masks from the Taiwan government.

The United States continues to need medical supplies, particularly personal protective equipment (PPE). If you are in a position to donate needed medical supplies PPE (other than face masks, which cannot be exported from Taiwan at this time) please fill out the form here.

If you are a Taiwan-based manufacturer of in-demand medical supplies that would like to sell products to the United States, please contact TAITRA or visit FEMAs procurement site here.