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Achieving 50-50: Empowering Women Leaders in the Indo-Pacific Region (Dec. 10-12, 2018)
May 3, 2022

Content of Workshop: The workshop included presentations, wide-ranging discussions, and essential measures to be taken to achieve increased participation and representation of women in both private and public organizations. “”Few countries in the Indo-Pacific region, or worldwide for that matter, can claim to have achieved as much as Taiwan has toward the important goal of more equal representation between men and women in leadership positions,” AIT Director Brent Christensen said during the opening ceremony.

Key Attendees: Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, Senior Policy Advisor for Women and Girls for the US State Department Secretary’s Office for Global Women’s Issues Marci Hodge, MOFA Vice Minister Tsao Li-jey, AIT Director Brent Christensen 

Number of Participating Countries: 13