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AIT American Center
March 26, 2018

AIT American Center
AIT American Center

The AIT American Center (previously known as the Information Resource Center (IRC)) provides an extensive open-stack collection of current materials about the United States. Most of the materials in the collection cover the U.S. society and culture, history, arts and literature, economics, education, government and politics.

We are located at AIT – Taipei Office (Address: No. 100, Jinhu Road, Neihu District 11461, Taipei City, Taiwan). The opening hours is 9 am -12pm Tuesday through Thursday and from 1-4pm on Thursday afternoons.

American Center Regulations:
• Patrons must be at least 15 years old.
• Drinking, eating, and smoking are not allowed at the American Center.
• Electronic items such as laptops, tablets, cameras, thumb drives, and other digital devices are not allowed inside the American Center. Only mobile phones will be allowed to be stored at the Main Gate. Please note there are no lockers for contraband items.
• Patrons will be responsible for lost or damaged library materials.
• The library has no responsibility for patrons’ personal belongings. Personal belongings, such as handbags and other valuables should be taken care of by the owner.
• Library lending and copying services will not be provided during the trial period.

Patrons found violating the regulations will be asked to leave the library immediately and will not be allowed to enter the American Center for the remaining day.

AIT Security Regulations:
AIT visitors are NOT allowed to enter the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) while carrying any of the following items:
• Laptops or larger electrical/electronic devices
• Large shoulder bags/purses – only bags that can be carried by hand will be permitted
• Bags such as travel bags, backpacks, briefcases, suitcases, leather, cloth bags, and zip folders – you can only carry plastic bags containing application-related papers
• Food and liquid items
• Cigarettes, cigars, match boxes, lighters
• Sharp objects such as scissors, pen knives or nail files
• Weapons or explosive materials of any kind

This list is not exhaustive. Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of security