AIT Celebrates Security Cooperation Month in August

August 1, 2019

AIT Celebrates Security Cooperation Month in August

As part of our yearlong campaign celebrating forty years of U.S.-Taiwan friendship and cooperation, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) is pleased to designate August as AIT@40 Security Cooperation Month.  Each month of 2019 features a different theme, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the growing U.S.-Taiwan partnership.

In honor of AIT@40 Security Cooperation Month, AIT is pleased to announce a series of events that underscore the strong security cooperation ties that bind the United States and Taiwan.

To kick off our series of events, on August 5, AIT, in cooperation with the Taoyuan City Government will host a screening of the documentary, “The Lost Black Cats,” that tells a story of U.S.-Taiwan security cooperation even before the enactment of Taiwan Relations Act.

On August 14, Director Christensen will give the third of his four major policy addresses this year, each addressing one of his “Four Promotes;” this speech will focus on promoting U.S.-Taiwan security cooperation.  This speech will take place at the “Strong Foundation, Bright Future: AIT@40, U.S.-Taiwan Relations Since 1979” Exhibition opening in Taoyuan.  The next day, on August 15, Director Christensen will speak at the opening ceremony of the Taipei Aerospace and Defense Technology Exhibition in Taipei.

Throughout the month, Director Christensen and AIT staff will also participate in a variety of events across Taiwan to celebrate the wide-ranging security cooperation relationship that spans far beyond arms sales and includes civilian-led security efforts, civil-military engagement, military exchanges and defense industry cooperation.

For decades, the United States and Taiwan have enjoyed a deep and robust security cooperation relationship.  The Taiwan Relations Act serves as a foundational element of this relationship, and AIT@40 Security Cooperation Month is a recognition of the multifaceted nature of the security cooperation activities that benefit both Taiwan and the United States.