AIT to Deploy New Web-based Nonimmigrant Visa Application System

The first applicant using the new web-based nonimmigrant visa application gets her visa. (Photo: AIT)

PR-1031E | Date: 5/19/2010

The American Institute in Taiwan will be moving to a new web-based nonimmigrant visa application system.  Starting June 1, 2010, applicants for nonimmigrant visas in Taiwan must use the new DS-160 application form.  The DS-160 incorporates all the current application forms (DS-156, 157 and 158) into one interactive online form.  The DS-160 form can be found at:

 There are two exceptions to this rule.  First, K visa (Fiancé/Fiancée) applicants should continue to use the DS-156 and DS-156K instead of the DS-160.  Second, applicants for E visas (Treaty Traders/Investors) will be required to complete both the DS-160 and a hard copy DS-156E until the DS-160E electronic form is available.

If an appointment is scheduled for any date before May 31, 2010, the applicant should fill out the current DS-156, 157 and 158 application forms.  However, if the visa appointment is scheduled for any date on or after June 1, 2010, the applicant must fill out the DS-160; the DS-156, 157 and 158 forms will not be accepted.  Please check the AIT website for future updates.