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AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk’s August 16-20 Meetings with Taiwan Officials
August 20, 2021


American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Sandra Oudkirk continued to have introductory meetings with Taiwan counterparts this week to discuss a wide range of issues of importance to both the United States and Taiwan.

On August 16, Director Oudkirk met with Premier of the Executive Yuan Su Tseng-chang to discuss the deepening U.S.-Taiwan relationship including health, investment, and trade cooperation.  Director Oudkirk and Mainland Affairs Council Minister Chiu Tai-san had a meeting on August 17 to talk about cross-Strait relations.  Later in the day, Director Oudkirk met with Minister of Justice Tsai Ching-hsiang to share perspectives on cyber security, human rights, anti-corruption, and anti-money laundering.  On August 18, she met with Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung to discuss U.S.-Taiwan health cooperation.  During the meeting, Director Oudkirk praised Taiwan’s commitment to combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, including using a transparent and science-based approach, and expressed support for Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the World Health Organization and other international organizations.  This was followed by Director Oudkirk’s meeting with Central Bank Governor Yang Chin-long, where they exchanged views on current economic trends and global supply chains.  On August 19, she met with Legislative Yuan President You Si-kun.  In this meeting, the two discussed the current legislative agenda and domestic political developments in Taiwan.

During these meetings, Director Oudkirk reiterated her commitment to advancing and deepening the U.S.-Taiwan partnership, stressed the common democratic and economic values that the United States and Taiwan share, and emphasized the United States’ enduring commitment to Taiwan.