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AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk’s Meetings with Taiwan Officials
August 13, 2021


Following meetings with President Tsai Ing-wen and Foreign Minister Joseph Wu this week, AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk met with additional leaders in Taiwan for the first time since assuming duties as Director of the American Institute in Taiwan to continue discussions on a wide-range of issues of importance to both the United States and Taiwan.

Director Oudkirk met with Vice President William Lai on the morning of August 13.  In their meeting, the Vice President and AIT Director discussed COVID-19 and vaccines, investment and trade ties, security cooperation, and the U.S.-Taiwan Education Initiative.  This week Director Oudkirk also met with National Security Council Secretary-General Wellington Koo.

During these meetings, Director Oudkirk reiterated her commitment to advancing the U.S.-Taiwan partnership, stressed the common democratic values that the United States and Taiwan share, and emphasized the United States’ enduring commitment to Taiwan.