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AIT lauds Taiwan’s commitment to combat Ebola
March 27, 2021

The American Institute in Taiwan is pleased that Taiwan joined the United States and our international partners to participate in the March 26 virtual high-level meeting on “Strengthening Africa’s Resilience and Response to Ebola Virus.”  In response to the recent Ebola outbreaks in Congo and Guinea, the meeting was organized by the United States, the World Health Organization’s African Regional Agency (AFRO), the African Union-Africa CDC, and the West African Health Organization (WAHO).  AIT is gratified by Taiwan’s commitment of $250,000 USD to combat the resurgence of Ebola in Africa.  President Biden is committed to a whole-of-U.S. Government response to the current Ebola outbreaks.  Infectious disease outbreaks do not respect national boundaries and jeopardize the health, security, and prosperity of every country.  The United States is proud to work with international partners, including Taiwan, to contribute to these response efforts that help protect the American people and international community.

During the meeting, Secretary Blinken emphasized how international cooperation is the only way to successfully fight the epidemic. This event further solidifies the United States and Taiwan partnership to strengthen global health security.  In August 2020, the United States and Taiwan signed a health cooperation MOU to further strengthen our joint work on global health security, investigation and control of infectious disease, research, prevention and treatment of chronic disease, and the development of drugs and vaccines.  The United States and Taiwan further committed to advancing global health security during the inaugural U.S.-Taiwan Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue in November 2020 by including global health security as a focus area of our economic cooperation.  Taiwan’s commitment to global health security ranging from sharing expertise through technical training, medical supplies and PPE donations, and monetary assistance from Ebola to COVID-19 again highlights that Taiwan is a force for good in the world and should be allowed to participate in international fora to protect public health.

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