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AIT Statement on U.S. Global Vaccine Sharing
June 4, 2021


We warmly welcome the White House announcement that Taiwan will be included in the first tranche of the more than 80 million COVID-19 vaccines the United States is planning to share with those in need.  Further details on the deliveries of these vaccines to Taiwan will be forthcoming.  The American people will never forget Taiwan’s generosity in providing face masks and other emergency supplies during the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis in the United States.  As the pandemic surges in many locations in the Indo-Pacific, and amidst the severe global shortage of vaccines, the donations announced today will help Taiwan protect its most vulnerable populations.  These vaccine contributions are part of the ongoing cooperation between the United States and Taiwan to combat the spread of COVID-19 within our own communities and around the world.  They will also complement Taiwan’s ongoing procurement of high-quality American vaccines, including Moderna, and the generous donation of AstraZeneca vaccines Japan announced today.  Our three democracies have a proud tradition of helping each other during crises, from Hurricane Katrina to Typhoon Morakot to the 2011 Triple Disasters in Japan.  #RealFriendsRealProgress