AIT Unveils American Shelf in Tainan

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The American Institute in Taiwan Kaohsiung Branch Office (AIT/K) and National Museum of Taiwan Literature unveiled an American Shelf in Tainan on December 20, 2013.

National Museum of Taiwan Literature Deputy Director Chang Chung-chin and AIT Kaohsiung Branch Chief Gary Oba jointly hosted the opening ceremony in Tainan.

Located in the Children’s Literature Reading Room in National Museum of Taiwan Literature, the American Shelf program provides books for children and youth on the United States aimed at understanding American culture and society, and also books about the study and teaching of English.

In the partnership between AIT and National Museum of Taiwan Literature, AIT provides new books for inclusion in the American Shelf’s collection on selected categories, such as children picture books and youth literature collection. In the future, AIT will host English storytelling programs and cultural exchange activities.

AIT has teamed up with local partners to set up American Shelves in Taoyuan County and Yilan County, and cooperated with Commonwealth Magazine Education Foundation to unveil a Mobile American Corner in April.