AIT’s Kaohsiung Office Provides Pop Culture English Lessons for KMRT Riders

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The Kaohsiung Office of the American Institute in Taiwan is proud to present the third series of American Pop Culture Lessons. Following the second series last year, the third series will continue to be broadcast in the Kaohsiung MRT stations as a public service.

This year’s production and broadcast is possible thanks to support from the Kaohsiung City Education Bureau, the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau, Chilin Technology Company Limited, Pilot TV, National Sun Yat-sen University, and G3 Audio & Video Propagates Company Limited.

As with last year’s program, lessons will run for 60 to 90 seconds and each lesson will be broadcast in Kaohsiung MRT stations one to three times per hour on a daily basis for a week, with a new lesson every week. Afterwards, the lessons will broadcast on the AIT/K website.

Various American volunteer actors and actresses were involved in the project, lending their native English to the videos. The 15 episodes were filmed at various tourist sites in the Kaohsiung area, including the Sizihwan Beach, E-Da World, the Zhouzi Wetlands Park, and Lotus Pond. We would like to extend our thanks to many enthusiastic organizations and individual supporters who made this program possible.