America Week Kicks Off June 25-July 11 at Kaohsiung Dream Mall

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PR-1039E | Date: 6/17/2010

America Week — Kaohsiung Dream Mall’s annual event promoting American products — will kick off June 25. In collaboration with the AIT Kaohsiung Branch Office, AIT Agricultural Trade Office (ATO), and the Formosa Cancer Foundation (FCF), Kaohsiung Dream Mall will host America Week from June 25 to July 11.

Legislative Yuan Speaker and Formosa Cancer Foundation President Wang Jin-Pyng will participate in the press conference to launch America Week. The press conference will be held at the Dream Mall’s auditorium on the 8th Floor, on Sunday, June 20, from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. Media registration is not required. AIT Kaohsiung Branch Office Chief Christian Castro and AIT Agricultural Trade Office Director Keith Schneller will also attend the press conference and introduce many American foods and beverage products to Taiwanese consumers.

America Week will highlight a wide variety of American products, including fresh summer produce, food and beverages, health and beauty goods, and tourism. It will be held on the B2 floor of Kaohsiung Dream Mall from June 25 to July 11. The ATO and FCF will also promote the Vegetable and Fruit Rainbow 5-7-9 campaign at the FCF booth. Wellcome Gourmet Supermarket will work with the California Tree Fruit Agreement, California Table Grape Committee, Northwest Cherries, and U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council to promote the freshest summer fruits. American cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, blueberries, and grapes will be offered at the Dream Mall Wellcome Gourmet branch. Representatives from the States of California, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Washington will also have booths promoting tourism to their respective states. In addition, American Photography and Art exhibits will be on display during the promotion.

This retail promotion will kick off on June 25 with America Night, featuring a lucky-draw raffle with exciting prizes, co-hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kaohsiung, and a performance by the Star 101 Jazz Band. During America Week, there will be special activities, promotional discounts, and free samples at Kaohsiung Dream Mall.

For more information about the Kaohsiung Dream Mall American Week activities, please contact Ms. Feiling Wong at the Kaohsiung Dream Mall (Tel: 07-9733888 ext. 8299) or Ms. Daphne Fan at AIT/Kaohsiung (Tel: 07-2387744 ext. 620).