“American Footsteps in Taiwan” Tour Exhibit in Hsinchu June 8 – July 3

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PR-1124E | Date: 6/02/2011

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and our partners are pleased to present the “American Footsteps in Taiwan, 1950-1980” tour exhibit at the Art Site of Railway Warehouse in Hsinchu from June 8 to July 3, 2011.

Opening hours for the Art Site of Railway Warehouse: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Address: No 64, Hua Yuan St., Hsin Chu City, Tel:03-5628933.

The exhibit reflects the close personal ties forged between Americans and the people of Taiwan during a turbulent historical period in the key era of 1950 to 1980. In addition to the display of a large number of vintage photographs, historic artifacts, documentaries and oral interviews, the exhibit looks back to the relationship between U.S. aid and Taiwan’s development of its economy, military forces, public health, healthcare, culture, and education. In 1952, the United States, in cooperation with the Taiwan Air Force, established the China Taskforce at the Taoyuan airbase. Then the unit moved to the Hsinchu Airbase to conduct reconnaissance missions throughout China. This “34th Squadron” has also been referred to as the “Black Bat Squadron”. This Hsinchu exhibition especially includes display items, old photos and related documents on the Black Bat Squadron.

For more information about this exhibition and the follow up tour exhibits, please visit AIT website: http://ait.org.tw/zh/american-footsteps-in-taiwan.html