American Music Abroad (AMA)

American Music Abroad (AMA)

American Music Abroad (AMA) is a people-to-people cultural exchange program designed to communicate America’s rich musical contributions and diverse culture to the global music scene.

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has partnered with American Voices to engage with people across the world through American Music Abroad exchanges. These exchanges help promote a positive image of the U.S. through arts and music and give overseas audiences the chance to directly interact with American artists.

AMA bands represent a wide variety of American musical genres and reached more than 40 countries around the world in 2017. AMA also builds on the historic legacy of the Department of State’s Jazz Ambassadors, who first traveled the world in the 1950s to connect people through music. Jazz Ambassador alumni include Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Dave Brubeck.

AMA activities focus on younger and underserved audiences with little or no access to live American performances. The ensembles representing American music will conduct public concerts, interactive performances with local musicians, lecture demonstrations, workshops, and jam sessions with diverse audiences. American Music Abroad ensembles are selected on the basis of artistic quality and commitment to education and cultural engagement through an open competition.