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American Shelves
March 26, 2018

American Shelves

American Shelves are similar in function but smaller in scale than the American Corners. They are partnerships between the American Institute in Taiwan and local institutions for the purpose of providing library materials for understanding American society and culture. In addition, they offer programs when possible. The American Shelves are in Yilan, Tainan, Taoyuan, Matsu, Kaohsiung as well as Pintung.

  • Kaohsiung:
    Kaohsiung City Main Library Baochu Branch (Established in July 2008)
  • Matsu:
    Matsu Dong Yi School (Established in June 2012)
  • Pingtung:
    Pingtung County, Bureau of Culture (Established in March 2015)
  • Tainan:
    Located in National Museum of Taiwan Literature (Established in July 2013)
  • Taoyuan:
    Taoyuan English Village (Happy Elementary School and Chungli Elementary School; Established in December 2008)
  • Yilan:
    Yilan City Library (Established in November 2008)