Strategically located between the manufacturing powerhouses of Northeast Asia and the dynamic developing economies in Southeast Asia, Taiwan is an important hub for regional and global trade and investment, and a critical link in the global high-technology supply chain. Many successful U.S. firms, taking advantage of Taiwan’s favorable business climate, highly skilled workforce, solid intellectual property rights regime, and open, democratic society, have built a strong Asian presence with Taiwan as a manufacturing base and research and development (R&D) center.  More and more global firms are experimenting with Taiwan as a design and branding platform for Chinese speaking markets, including in mainland China.

Our team of 50 economic, commercial and agricultural officers and specialists at the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) works diligently on behalf of U.S. companies and our economic interests to create business opportunities and expand trade with Taiwan. In particular, AIT’s Commercial Section team — focused on increasing U.S. jobs and supporting the growth of the U.S. economy — helps U.S. companies find new business partners and export markets in Taiwan. Whether you are looking to enter the export market for the first time or seeking to expand to the Asian market, AIT’s Commercial Section offers trade counseling, market intelligence, business matchmaking, and commercial advocacy, and is ready to help you develop strategies to fulfill your business objectives and expand your exports to Taiwan.

On this webpage, you will find useful information and links to help you make your business decisions about the Taiwan market. As you bring your business to Taiwan, we invite you to contact us for assistance. Our economic, commercial, and agricultural teams at AIT look forward to supporting you as we work together to strengthen and expand the U.S. brand in Asia.

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