Just with only 3 steps you could win limited-edition AIT@40 prizes!

AIT@40 – Share Your Video with Us [Video]

11 February, 2019 | News, Video

Really? Just with only 3 steps you could win limited-edition AIT@40 prizes? That’s right! AIT is now soliciting short, creative, selfie-style videos that answer the question “What does the U.S.-Taiwan relationship mean to you?” We want to hear your views on the valuable and steadfast relationship between the United States and Taiwan in a 15-30 ...

Ask the Spokesperson – Episode 1 [Video]

28 January, 2019 | News, Video

You've waited long enough! Here is our first episode of "Ask the Spokesperson," in which AIT Spokesperson Amanda Mansour answers your questions about when AIT will move and other topics. Please note, this video was shot in December 2018, so "next year" refers to 2019. Enjoy! And let us know if you have more questions ...
AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Former U.S. Congresswoman Pat Schroeder [Video]

AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Former U.S. Congresswoman Pat Schroeder [Video]

20 December, 2018 | News, Video

It is time for another edition of “AIT Presents 3 Questions”! Did you know that a record number of women ran for office in this year’s U.S. midterm elections? But the situation was very different 45 years …listen, as former U.S. Congresswoman Pat Schroeder tells us about what has changed since the time she entered ...

Ask the Spokesperson – Call for questions [Video]

14 December, 2018 | News, Video

To thank our more than 100K followers for their support and engagement, AIT is launching a new campaign «Ask the Spokesperson»! We want to hear more about what’s important to you, our fans. Send us questions you have about AIT, American culture, and U.S. policy, and AIT Spokesperson Amanda Mansour will do her best to ...

AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Erica Thomas on Midterm Elections [Video]

26 November, 2018 | News, Video

Special congratulations to the women candidates who won their races during Saturday’s elections! In our AIT Present 3 Questions: Midterm Elections Edition, recently re-elected Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas talks about “The Year of the Women” and shares her advice for young people who aspire to run for public office.

Interested in Joining Global Entry? [Video]

3 November, 2018 | News, Video

Interested in joining Global Entry? It’s so easy, even a baby can do it! To prove it, we’ve asked the babies of AIT to show you how it’s done. Join the nearly 5,000 Taiwan passport holders who have already applied!

Global Entry Celebrates It’s First Birthday [Video]

1 November, 2018 | News, Video

In honor of Global Entry celebrating its first birthday, AIT and U.S. Customs and Border Protection will conduct a second Global Entry enrollment event here at AIT from December 3-6. Interested in enrolling? Stay tuned for Part 2 of our video, where the babies of AIT show you how it’s done!

Celebrities In STEM [Video]

22 September, 2018 | News, Video

Girls can be roles models in scientific fields! Did you know these badass celebs pursued degrees in science, technology, engineering, & mathematics (STEM)? Let’s see how they stick to their interests and dreams.

AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Uber COO Barney Harford [Video]

30 August, 2018 | Economic Affairs, News, Video

Have you ever taken an Uber or had UberEats deliver food from your favorite restaurant to your front door? Then you know the power of the sharing economy. In our latest episode of AIT Presents: 3 Questions, AIT Spokesperson Amanda and Uber Chief Operating Officer Barney Harford discuss how the sharing economy and artificial intelligence ...

AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales [Video]

20 July, 2018 | News, Video

What advice does Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales have for digital innovators? What is the role of web platforms like Wikipedia in combatting fake news? AIT spokesperson Amanda Mansour‘s exclusive interview has the answers! Special thanks to Meet Taipei for their contributions to this year’s Digital Innovation Forum!

Earthy Day 2018 – End Plastic Pollution [Video]

21 April, 2018 | Video

Have you ever thought about how much plastic waste we generate every week? Every year? Check out this video from AIT’s Environment, Science, Technology, and Health Officer Anna Wang on how much garbage one person can produce in less than one week.
AIT New Office Complex Teaser Video

AIT New Office Complex Teaser Video [Video]

20 March, 2018 | Former Director, News, Video

AIT Director Moy: As many of you know, we at AIT have been working on an exciting project. All of us are proud that we will bring it to completion later this summer! Check out this short intro video and keep coming back to AIT Facebook for more information as we get ready to cross ...

AIT wishes you a Happy Year of the Dog! [Video]

12 February, 2018 | Former Director, News, Video

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, AIT is once again releasing a special video to wish all of our friends in Taiwan a very happy Year of the Dog! In this year’s video, Director Moy’s dog, Hope, and Deputy Director Forden’s dog, Maggie, show Director Moy and Deputy Forden what a dog’s life is like ...

Jazz Camp in Kinmen [Video]

6 February, 2018 | Exclude, News, Video

On Feb. 3, 2018, hot jazz grooves warmed up a chilly Kinmen night. Despite record low temperatures and heavy rain, more than 80 passionate music lovers of all ages joined us outdoors for Kinmen Jazz Night at the historic Kinmen Qing Dynasty Military Headquarters. The show featured Angelo Versace (piano), Chris Wabich (drums), Jennifer Ing ...

Tony Memmenl and His Band in Taiwan [Video]

7 December, 2017 | Video

AIT wants to send a big thank you to all our Taiwan friends who came out to cheer on #AmericanMusicAbroad Ambassadors Tony Memmel, Lesleigh Memmel, and Joey Wengerd! Their Taiwan tour was full of non-stop applause from passionate audiences, delicious food, and vibrant cultural exchanges.

Fulbright Executive Director Dr. William Vocke Celebrates 2017 International Education Week [Video]

12 November, 2017 | Education, Study in the U.S., Video

Fulbright is the flagship U.S. government international scholarship program. Many famous Taiwan scholars were granted Fulbright awards to pursue their Ph. D. degrees or conduct research in the United States. Today, Fulbright Executive Director Dr. William Vocke will introduce the Fulbright program and the EducationUSA Taiwan Advising Center located on the third floor of the ...

Great News about Global Entry [Video]

26 October, 2017 | Former Director, U.S. & Taiwan, U.S. Citizen Services, U.S. Passports, Video, Visas

On November 1, 2017, Taiwan became the 3rd location in East Asia and the 12th worldwide whose passport holders are eligible for Global Entry, a program administered by the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Global Entry allows expedited immigration and customs clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the ...

AIT – Autumn 2017 Auction Video 2 [Video]

20 October, 2017 | Video

Have you heard about the exciting AIT Autumn 2017 Auction? To learn more: What: AIT Autumn 2017 Auction When: Wednesday November 1st , 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Where: No. 57, Lane 69, Section2, Jianguo South Road, Da-an District, Taipei 106 Registration deadline for in-person bidding: 3:00pm, October 27th If you missed the auction’s prequel video, click here: ...

AIT – Autumn 2017 Auction Video 1 [Video]

18 October, 2017 | Video

The weather affects your ability to go out, but shopping opportunities can strike at any time! Visit the AIT official website to learn about an exciting opportunity coming soon: AIT Autumn 2017 Auction!

The Fake News Invasion: Understanding the Dangers of Misinformation and What To Do About It [Video]

17 October, 2017 | Events, News, Video

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) hosts a Digital Video Conference (DVC) entitled “The Fake News Invasion: Understanding the Dangers of Misinformation and What To Do About It” featuring a presentation by Steven Reiner, Director of Video Journalism and Associate Professor from the Stony Brook University School of Journalism on October 17, 2017 at the ...

AIT Gets Sporty [Video]

23 June, 2017 | Former Director, Video

AIT Director Moy: In anticipation of the upcoming University Games I decided it was time for me to try out a new sport. I’m a big believer that sports are a great way to stay in shape, spend time with friends and family. What is your favorite sport? With special thanks to 戴資穎/ Tai Tzu ...

AIT – Spring 2017 Auction Video 2 [Video]

12 April, 2017 | Video

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the AIT Spring 2017 used furniture and equipment auction! The registration deadline is April 14 to attend in person! If you cant participate on the auction date, you are welcome to place your bid by e-mail.

AIT – Spring 2017 Auction Video 1 [Video]

31 March, 2017 | Video

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the AIT Spring 2017 used furniture and equipment auction! The registration deadline is April 14 to attend in person! If you can’t participate on the auction date, you are welcome to place your bid by e-mail. Click for more information.

JSF Collaborations of AMA Taiwan Tour [Video]

17 February, 2017 | Video

The 2017 American Music Abroad(AMA) Taiwan Tour was not just concerts. The group also conducted workshops with students, had cultural exchange programs with local performing groups like Ju Percussion, A Root Yilan, Voice Traveler, and Chu Yin.

AIT Election English Two: Evolved [Video]

18 October, 2016 | Video

Are you interested in learning more about the U.S. Election? Join AIT in learning "Election English" in the next video in our series with author and journalist Chuck McCutcheon. The word this time is "Evolved."

Visa Tips FOUR: Do I need a visa? [Video]

8 June, 2016 | Video, Visas

Are you planning summer travel or study in the United States this summer, but dont know if you need a visa? Watch the video, featuring AITs Consular Chief Lara Harris, to discover what resources you can use to determine if you need a visa and what visa type might be right for you!

How to Apply for a U.S. Visa Online. It’s easier than ever! [Video]

9 May, 2016 | Video, Visas

Every year, millions of people are issued visas to travel to America, some for tourism, some to visit friends and family, some to study, some for medical treatment, some for business meetings and even some who just like to shop.  All these people have something in common, they all applied for their visa to visit ...

Happy New Year from AIT – 2016 [Video]

1 February, 2016 | Former Director, Video

Happy New Year from AIT! To plan for how AIT would share our new year’s wishes for the year of the monkey, Director Moy called a special planning meeting. Watch our video to see the result. Then listen for Director Moy’s special invitation to join us in welcoming the New Year! AIT looks forward to ...

SelectUSA [Video]

29 January, 2016 | Former Director, Video

The American Institute in Taiwan supports SelectUSA, an initiative established by Executive Order of the President of the United States in June 2011 in order to “to support private sector job creation and enhance economic growth by encouraging and supporting business investment in the United States.” Please watch this video for a message from AIT ...
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