Kaohsiung American Corner

Sun Yat-sen American Center

History As National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) moves into the 21st century, it has taken the initiative to establish a Resource Center for the study of the United Sates. This Center fits the University's goals and explores new strategies, partucularly through digital information technologies in developing an international academic unit. The American Institute in Taiwan…
Taichung American Corner

Taichung American Corner

In May 2005, AIT inaugurated the American Corner at the National Library of Public Information in Taichung. In June 2012, the Taichung American Corner moved to a new building with its host institution. The Taichung American Corner consists of e-books, audio-visual materials and over 3,500 English books. This corner is also equipped with DVC equipment, iPads, Kindle e-readers, and…

Taipei American Corner