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Frequently Asked Questions
May 10, 2021

How long does it take to apply for my child's CRBA?

Once the application is approved, your child’s CRBA and passport will be sent to you by courier within approximately three to four weeks.

[Taipei Office] If your child’s CRBA application cannot be accepted immediately, the officer will tell you what is needed to complete the process. You don’t need an appointment to return with the required information. Please come back on Thursday from 14:00 to 15:00 in the afternoon.  The child does not need to return.

[Kaohsiung Office] If your child’s CRBA application cannot be accepted immediately, the officer will tell you what is needed to complete the process.  Please submit the requested documents along with the pending slip to AIT Kaohsiung Office via mail.  If you plan to submit the documents in person, you will need to make an Notarial and Other Services Appointment.  All service at AIT Kaohsiung are by appointment only.


Can I apply for my child's CRBA in the U.S.?

No.  If your child was born abroad you will need to complete the Report of Birth process abroad; it cannot be done in the U.S.

If your child was born in Taiwan, then the processing must be done in Taiwan. While you can file the documents at another U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad, that office is required to send them to us in Taiwan for processing. This will delay things, so it is best to complete this whole procedure while you are still in Taiwan.


Can I apply for my child's Social Security Number at AIT?

Effective October  1, 2017, AIT no longer provides support services for the Social Security Administration.  Please submit your child’s application for a Social Security Number to the Social Security Administration (SSA) directly or visit AIT’s website for information on how to contact the SSA office in the Philippines.

A check list is available here (PDF 234KB) to help you prepare the application package for your child. The list is only applicable to children under the age of 12.


What are the Taiwan exit requirements for my child if one parent is a citizen of Taiwan?

Your child will also be a citizen of Taiwan at birth and will have to comply with Taiwan laws.  Your child will have to be placed on the Taiwan parent’s Household Registration and MUST depart Taiwan using a Taiwan passport.  If the child returns to Taiwan using a U.S. passport, then he/she will need to apply for a resident visa and Alien Registration Card.  A male child who continues to reside here may eventually be subject to Taiwan’s compulsory military service law.


What are the Taiwan exit requirements for my child if neither parent is a citizen of Taiwan?

Your child must have an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) in order to leave Taiwan. An ARC may be obtained from the National Immigration Agency, Taiwan.


How do I get additional copies of CRBA?

Additional copies of the Report of Birth are available from the Department of State only; no records are kept at AIT.

If you need to obtain a replacement of your child’s original CRBA from the Department of State in Washington, DC, the charge is US$50. AIT does not assist with these requests.

Please see more information from the Department of State website on Replace or Amend a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA). 


I received my child's CRBA and it lists my child's place of birth as "Taiwan, Taiwan." Is this a mistake?

The place of birth you see on your child’s CRBA is correct.  All CRBA’s for Taiwan list the child’s place of birth as “TAIWAN, TAIWAN.”  AIT’s location is printed as either “TAIPEI, TAIWAN” or “KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN.”   This is not an error, but rather a reflection of current regulations.  For more information on these regulations, please refer to Public Law 103-415 (1994) (PDF 917 KB)


I was born in the United States but I lost my birth certificate. How do I get an additional copy?

For Vital Records please see Centers for Disease Control Prevention and click on the State your were born.


The consular officer requested that my child and I prove our relationship through a DNA test.

For a full discussion of DNA testing and how to proceed with arranging your DNA test, please click here.