Great American Foods Spice Up this Christmas

Pecan tart, a specialty of southern U.S. cuisine, is popularly served at U.S. holiday meals. Pecan is rich of monounsaturated fatty acids that can help improve heart health. (Photo: Le Bouquet)

The Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) of the American Institute in Taiwan is pleased to announce the launch of American Month at Le Bouquet of the Ambassador Hotel this December. Christmas is a time of tradition and sharing. To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, the ATO and Le Bouquet are launching a health-themed baking promotion to share healthy dessert options with consumers.

Le Bouquet developed exclusive recipes to create classic American delicacies for this Christmas, including: Washington Apple Pie, U.S. Pumpkin Bread, Georgia Pecan Tart, and the New York Blueberry Bagel. The promotion will introduce a wide variety of high-quality, healthy U.S. baking ingredients, such as: U.S. pumpkins, U.S. dried blueberries, U.S. Jack cheeses, Washington apples, Georgia pecans, Hawaii macadamia nuts, California raisins and walnuts, etc. The promotion runs through January 15, 2014 at four Le Bouquet stores.