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Message for U.S. Citizens – Passport Preparedness for Future Travel
September 29, 2022

As the busy summer travel season ends, the U.S. Department of State encourages U.S. travelers to assess their passport needs now ahead of any future holiday travel and trips in 2023. Maintaining a valid passport for both adults and children reduces the risk of missing a trip and prepares travelers for last-minute travel opportunities. The Department encourages U.S. citizens to stay prepared by knowing their passport’s expiration date and applying well before travel.

The Department has issued 17.9 million passport books and cards this year. Applying in the fall or winter allows for faster routine processing due to lower seasonal demand.

Many destinations abroad require passports to be valid for at least six months after arrival. In most cases, passengers will not be allowed to board an international flight if they do not have the required amount of validity remaining on their passports. Travelers should plan ahead and apply for their passports early.  We recommend renewing a passport when there is one year of validity remaining.

For more information on how or where to apply, please visit https://www.ait.org.tw/passports/.