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Network Security and Emerging Technology (May 28-30, 2019)
April 27, 2022

GCTF - Network Security and Emerging Technology
GCTF – Network Security and Emerging Technology

Content of Workshop: The workshop focused on the importance of network security as a foundation for a dynamic digital economy. The event underscores the government’s commitment to working with regional partners in tackling global information security threats. The promotion of cross-border cooperation and experience sharing was also discussed. “Taiwan has a tremendous amount of valuable experience to share, and nowhere is this more true than when it comes network sececurity and emerging technologies.” AIT Deputy Director Raymond Greene said during the opening ceremony.

Key Attendees:U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency director of National Risk Management Center Bob Kolasky, State Department, Federal Communications Commission, law enforcement, Taiwan’s National Communications Commission, Deputy Foreign Minister Kelly Wu-chiao Hsieh, AIT Deputy Director Raymond Greene 

Number of Participating Countries: 21