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2009 Trafficking in Persons Report – Taiwan (Tier 2)

(Released on June 16, 2009) Recommendations for Taiwan:  Extend labor protections to all categories of workers including domestic workers and caregivers to prevent labor trafficking; implement the new comprehensive anti-trafficking law and effectively carry out its victim and witness protections so that victims are not penalized for acts committed as a direct result of being ...
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U.S. Food Unlimited Creativity 2009

PR-0922E | AIT's Agricultural Trade Office (ATO), in cooperation with the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) and the Formosa Chefs' Association, is pleased to announce a "U.S. Food Unlimited Creativity 2009" competition for both established chefs and aspiring artisans to demonstrate their skills using the highest quality American ingredients from the Western United States.
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