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Remarks by AIT Acting Director Raymond Greene at Opening Ceremony of Meet Taipei 2019

As we move forward together to build the digital age, we look forward to continuing to work closely with all of you here today and the organizers of Meet Taipei. Taiwan’s future depends upon moving up the value-chain to become a full-fledged innovation-based economy. |OT-1987|November 14, 2019
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Remarks by A/DDIR Dannielle Andrews at the 1st Annual Talent Circulation Alliance Job Fair

Earlier this year, AIT launched with the Taiwan Authorities the TCA. The TCA is a public private partnership that has two simple goals: facilitating the circulation of talent between Taiwan and like-minded partners, and cultivating the skills of the talent already here. |OT-1971-2 | |September 28, 2019|
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Remarks by AIT Director W. Brent Christensen at the Digital Dialogue Public Forum on U.S.-Taiwan Security Cooperation

Today’s forum focuses on a topic that has attracted a great deal of attention, not only in the United States and Taiwan, but also throughout the Indo-Pacific region and across the Strait: promoting U.S.-Taiwan security cooperation. |OT-1986| |November 7, 2019|
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