U.S. Citizen Services

Welcome to U.S. Citizen Services at the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT). We have office in Taipei and in Kaohsiung to provide information and assistance to U.S. citizens in Taiwan. U.S. Citizen Services at AIT consists of the Passport & Citizenship Unit, the Special Consular Services Unit, and the Federal Benefits Unit. We are closed to the public on U.S. and Taiwan Public Holidays.

The AIT Kaohsiung Branch Office is located on the Fifth Floor of No. 88, Chenggong 2nd Road, Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City. All U.S. Citizen Services are provided by appointment.

Visa Services

All visa services are processed in AIT Taipei.  If you have any questions regarding visa services, please visit our Global Support Services (GSS) website or email support-taiwan@ustraveldocs.com.

Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)

ESTA must be applied on https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/.  Please note that application fee is US$14 only.

For more information about ESTA, please visit Visa Waiver Program page.


Online Appointment System

In order to ensure efficiency and provide you with better service, all visitors for consular services need to have an appointment.

Please visit Online Appointment System to make an appointment.

*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can only offer limited appointments.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

Please visit STEP to register your trip to receive alerts and ensure you can be located in an emergency.

Services AIT Kaohsiung Provides

You may renew your U.S. passport at AIT Kaohsiung Office.  For more information on passport services, please visit Passport Services on AIT website.

Save time, fill online: U.S. Passport Applications and Forms


Congratulations on your child’s birth! You may report your child’s birth at AIT Kaohsiung Office.  For more information on reporting your child’s birth, please visit Birth on AIT website.

Only certain documents written/typed in English can be notarized at AIT for use in the United States.  For more information, please visit Notarial Services on AIT website.

Accepted payment methods are:
  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and American Express are accepted)
  • USD Cash
  • NTD Cash
  • USD money order (cashier’s check, bank draft) issued by a local bank in Taiwan.  Your money order must be issued within the past five (5) months and payable to American Institute in Taiwan.  We do NOT accept personal checks.

Please also be prepared to pay with cash in case the credit card verification system is temporarily unavailable.  There is an ATM downstairs AIT Kaohsiung Office.

COVID-19 Information

Please visit Department of Homeland Security (DHS)’s website, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s website, and U.S. Department of State’s website for information.

Please visit Internal Revenue Service’s website for information.

Useful Information for LPRs (Green Card Holders) During COVID-19

Please note: If you have been outside of the United States for more than 365 calendar days, you may no longer be in Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status and must consult U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for further guidance by calling the USCIS Contact Center at +1 (212) 620-3418.  AIT does not have jurisdiction over the status of LPRs and any request for official guidance should be directed to the USCIS.  There is no USCIS office in Taiwan.

Generally, you can stay outside the U.S. for up to one year.  If you have been issued a Re-entry Permit, which applicants must apply for while in the U.S., you can stay outside the United States as long as your Re-entry Permit has not expired.  Please note, per USCIS, the abandonment of residency may be found to have occurred on trips of less than a year outside of the United States if is determined you did not intend to make the U.S. your permanent residence.  For further information, please see the USCIS website here.

Staying outside the United States for more than 6 months but less than one year will subject you to additional questioning when you return to the United States, but you are not required to have a Re-entry Permit.

If you are a Lawful Permanent Resident and you have been outside the United States over one year (or beyond the validity of your Re-entry Permit) for reasons beyond your control, you may be eligible for a Returning Resident Visa (SB-1).

If you intend to stay outside the United States for a year or more, you will need a Re-entry Permit.  You will need to apply for the Re-entry Permit on Form I-131 Application for Travel Document.  You cannot apply for a Re-entry Permit while outside the United States, so make sure you get your I-131 submitted before you leave the country.  The Re-entry Permit is good for up to 2 years and cannot be extended.

Pursuant to USCIS policy, you cannot apply for Re-entry Permit when you are outside of the United States.  You must apply for one before you depart the United States. Also, an expired Re-entry Permit cannot be extended.

There has not been an announcement or policy exception issued by USCIS regarding this issue.  LPRs who have stayed outside of the United States for more than one year, or longer than the validity of their Re-entry Permits, are generally considered to have abandoned their LPR status.

If your case falls under either of these scenarios and you wish to return to the United States, you will need to apply for a Returning Resident Visa (SB-1) with AIT Taipei’s Immigrant Visa (IV) Unit.  Please see instructions here.

It is recommend you wait for their answer, and review all the resources available on the USCIS website before taking further action. Our office is unable to provide advice or guidance regarding what actions an LPR should take. Any questions pertaining to LPR status should be directed to USCIS.