Pets of AIT – Charlie

My name is Charlie.  I’m a black cat.  I was born in April 2014, a Taurus, and adopted by a group of Cheng Chi University students.  When they graduated, I was adopted by my current family in 2016.  I’m their first cat (they had a dog before).  My Mom always tells people she almost refused to adopt me – but now she is so glad that she did.  I’m very independent and generous.  I never bite or scratch my family.  But I can only endure a 15-second hug.  My favorite game to play with my family is “Hide and Seek.”  Because I’m black, they have a hard time finding me.  The person I love the most is Mom, because she cleans my litter box and gives me  fresh water.  Who’s more more caring and loving than Mom!? #Adopted from Taiwan

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