Pets of AIT – Maggie

Pets of AIT - Maggie

Hi. I am Maggie.  I’m a 7 year old dog from Tel-Aviv, Israel.  Deputy Director Forden and his family found me at a local shelter.  I was only 6 months old when they adopted me on Christmas in 2011. Having a family of my own was the best gift I have ever received. I love to eat any kind of meat. If you have a treat that I like I will shake your hand, I will spin, I will roll-over, I will do anything to get that yummy treat! I love to be around people and other doggies. I’m very friendly.  One of my hobbies is to chase cats and squirrels, but don’t worry I have never caught them. I just enjoy chasing them, that’s all. I love bringing my owners on walks in the park – they really need the exercise!  — Maggie