Pets of AIT – Belle

Pets of AIT - Belle

My name is Belle.  I am a one year old Formosan mix.  I have been adopted by a very loving American family.  I’m a happy doggie now! My dad works at AIT. I’m still young and love to chew everything!  My mom has to constantly hide the shoes, especially the flip flops. I wish I could eat everything I see, but my tummy hurts and I can only eat certain foods. My family told me I have digestive issues. But they take good care of me and they make sure I only eat food that doesn’t cause me any problems. I’m trying to tell my family how fascinated I am with the squirrels; I love to chase them and I wish they could add some to my menu. I don’t understand why my family doesn’t let me get near them.  My day gets brighter when my family comes home after work. I can’t wait to spend time with them.

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