Pets of AIT – Niu-Niu

Hi everyone ~ My name is Niu-Niu, which means “Little girl” in Chinese. I have no idea who my real
parents are (maybe German Shepherds or Shelties), but I’m so lucky that my step-mom took me home from
Jiankuo Flower market on a beautiful Sunday when I was only two months old. I looooove when my step-mom
lets me have some apple, banana, sweet potato or jerkey with my dinner. I used to have to fight over
toys with lots of roommates, but now I have my own toys to chew-up!
I still feel a bit nervous (which means I bark really loudly) when strangers try to come near me, but I
’m sure I will be a lot better when I grow up! #Adopted from Taiwan #PetsofAIT

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