Remarks by AIT Director Kin Moy at 14th Annual Daniel Pearl World Day of Music

September 26, 2015

AIT Official Text #: OT-1520E

Deputy Mayor Chou, citizens of Taipei, hello and good afternoon!

I’m the Director of AIT, Kin Moy.  AIT is very pleased to have the opportunity to support the 14th Annual Daniel Pearl World Day of Music.  I am especially pleased to be hosting this event for the first time, knowing that artists and musicians around the world are also participating in this significant event.

In hosting this event, we remember a remarkable young American, a journalist and musician, who was killed in 2002 by extremists: Mr. Daniel Pearl.  But we also hold this event to support and promote values shared across the globe: tolerance, love, and freedom of expression and press.  As some of you may know, President Obama signed an act named after Daniel Pearl strengthening the U.S.’s support for freedom of press around the world.  Through the musicians and artists gathered here and in many other places, we spread the message that no matter what your religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds are, we hold common values as human beings and share a dream of peace and equality.

Today, I would like to extend special thanks to Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission Chairperson Mr. Chung Yung-feng and the founder and organizer of the Taipei Daniel Pearl World Music Day Mr. Sean Scanlan.  Without their generous support and dedication, this event would not be possible.

I also want to thank all the musicians who have come to share their talents with us, and a special thank you as well to every person who has come here today to Taipei Hakka Cultural Park.  Through your actions, you show your unwavering support for peace and tolerance.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a great festival, and a happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival!