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Remarks by AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk at The Environmental Education Green Life Carnival Exhibition
October 30, 2021


Minister Chang, ladies, gentlemen, friends, good morning! It is my great pleasure to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Taiwan’s Environmental Education Act. Congratulations!

I applaud the contributions from Taiwan’s EPA, local environmental bureaus, schools, and the private sector to raise awareness and create lasting change in Taiwan’s environmental education ecosystem in order to build a more sustainable society. I look forward to Taiwan’s continued progress on environmental education in the coming years.

Taiwan is recognized among experts as one of the world’s most dedicated supporters of environmental education. Schools all around the world, including in the United States and the broader Indo-Pacific, have much to learn from Taiwan in this regard.

In fact, Taiwan’s recycling success stories are frequently cited by international media. And I recently learned that all public professionals, including President Tsai, are required to participate in four hours of environmental education every year.

This year marks the 28th anniversary of the U.S.-Taiwan environment cooperation. Our two environmental protection agencies and environment experts have enjoyed nearly three decades of close collaboration that has connected students and teachers in the United States and Taiwan on issues related to environmental protection. Moreover, our collaboration has empowered youth to drive improvements in their local environments.

We all have a role to play in preserving our planet for future generations. Fighting climate change and protecting the environment are mutually reinforcing ways to promote healthy societies and well-being for all while still encouraging economic growth and energy security.

That is why President Biden called world leaders together in April and urged them to commit to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing adaptation and resilience to climate impacts, and driving clean energy innovation.

My team and I look forward to continuing our productive collaboration with Taiwan on environmental protection and education.

Thank you all for your contributions to ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for present and future generations.

Ràng wǒmen yīqǐ tòuguò huánjìng jiàoyù lì wěn gēnjī (讓我們一起透過環境教育立穩根基),gòng chuàng wèilái (共創未來)!  Xièxiè dàjiā! 謝謝大家!