Remarks by Ambassador William Moser at Dedication Ceremony of AIT’s New Office Complex

June 12, 2018
AIT Official Text #: OT-1814
(As Prepared for Delivery)


Good morning distinguished colleagues and guests.  I am happy to be here today representing the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations.  It is a great point of pride for me to work in an organization that has provided its worldwide expertise to the American Institute in Taiwan for this impressive project.

Working closely with AIT we designed and built a modern, efficient and secure new facility that will support their important mission and work here.  This project began with a vision for a new facility that would incorporate important security requirements, convey U.S. values, and be in harmony with the local environment.

Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners of Santa Monica, California was the design architect on the project. EYP Architecture and Engineering of Albany, New York was the architect of record.  Their design represents innovation, environmental sustainability, and a thoughtful consideration of the visitor experience.  American International Contractors (Special Projects) of Arlington, Virginia translated that design into a reality.

To promote cross-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding, “Art in AIT” has curated a permanent art collection that features a variety of media by contemporary artists from both the United States and Taiwan.  The collection creates a dialogue between our rich and diverse cultures.  At the center of the collection is a new work by the renowned calligrapher and scholar Fu Shen.  Representing Taiwan’s rich history of calligraphy, Master Fu’s work, his largest piece to date, is a treasure we are honored to display.

Other highlights include site specific commissions that reflect an understanding of the diversity and richness of U.S. and Taiwan cultural heritage, such as a monumental mural by Ryan McGinness, a photographic mural by Ysabel LeMay, paintings of various flora by Leigh Wen, and an abstracted interpretation of landscape by Suling Wang.  We are delighted that Ms. Wen and Ms. Wang are here with us today.

We can be proud of this new office’s eco-friendly features which pursue rigorous energy-saving and sustainability goals, aiming to reduce environmental impact, optimize building performance, and enhance the self-sufficiency of the compound.  The project is registered with the U.S. Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) and is expected to receive LEED® Silver certification.  This certification is recognized globally as a leading mark of achievement in high performance, best-in-class, green buildings, and we are proud to add this complex to a growing group of over 40 LEED certified overseas facilities.

The Overseas Buildings Operations team here has worked to ensure this project for AIT would be completed in compliance with U.S. and Taiwan standards for safety, security, and quality, and I would like to thank them for their efforts.  Most importantly, I’d like to thank you, AIT Chairman James Moriarty, (AIT) Director Kin W. Moy, along with President Tsai Ing-wen for your tremendous support and patience as we worked together to complete this project.

I am honored that you have joined us today for this historic occasion and we wish you many long and successful years in this new home.

Thank you.