Remarks by Deputy Director Raymond Greene at USA Pavilion, 2019 Taipei TIMTOS

Remarks by Deputy Director Raymond Greene at USA Pavilion, 2019 Taipei TIMTOS
March 4, 2019
AIT Official Text #: OT-1904


Mr. Steve Lin, Executive Secretary of Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. William Wei, International Business Director, Omax Corporation, USA Pavilion exhibitors, ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

Welcome to the grand opening of the USA Pavilion at the 2019 Taipei International Machine Tool Show, the world’s third largest machinery and machine tool trade show.  I want to thank TAMI and TAITRA for organizing this event and the Taiwan-USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office and the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Association for co-organizing the USA Pavilion with AIT.

It’s exciting to be here with you to open the USA Pavilion.  This year we have a total of 14 U.S. companies participating in the show.  Seven companies are in the USA Pavilion.  These firms have some of the most exciting products and advanced technologies in the show.  They are Omax, Hexagon, DP Technology/Esprit, Martin, HAAS, Delcam, and SUNNEN.

Another seven American companies are exhibiting outside of the USA Pavilion.  (They are Hardinge, Rockwell Automation, Hurco, Setco, Gleason, Controltek, and, SolidWizard.)  I encourage you to visit their booths to see the new technologies they have to offer.

Smart Machinery is one of Taiwan’s 5+2 economic policy’s priority sectors.  It is one of Taiwan’s leading sectors and strongly supports Taiwan’s world-renowned semiconductor sector.

For decades, Taiwan’s factories have produced many of the most advanced products in the world, and many of the machines and systems used to produce those goods were manufactured or developed in the United States.  U.S. firms and Taiwan firms working together produce the greatest products in the world.  Examples are all around us, including Micron and Tesla.

Looking at the products exhibited here today, we are confident that the partnerships between U.S. and Taiwan companies will result in machines that will make the factories of tomorrow smarter and more efficient.  Matching U.S. artificial intelligence and Taiwan’s machinery is one of the most promising opportunities for the future of the U.S.-Taiwan technology relationship.

U.S. companies have the will and capability to partner with Taiwan companies to build a future straight out of science fiction, not just with smart machines, but with entire AI-optimized and operated factories.

During the TIMTOS show, AIT has also organized an investment seminar that will discuss opportunities in the United States for Taiwan companies that are interested in doing business in the U.S.  America welcomes foreign businesses to invest and thrive.  Individual U.S. states and cities are eager to work with Taiwan companies who have proven to be good partners and members of their communities.  Please reach out to my team here to learn more about this seminar and other means for us to help Taiwan companies invest in the United States.  Jason and Andrew, please raise your hands so that everyone knows who you are.

As you can see, we are celebrating AIT’s 40th year here in the USA Pavilion and at TIMTOS in general.  The fortieth anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act has caused me to reflect on the shared benefits of the U.S. – Taiwan relationship.  TIMTOS fully demonstrates the advantages of our longstanding economic and trade relationship.

Thank you all again for supporting the USA Pavilion.  I hope you all enjoy the 2019 Taipei International Machine Tool Show.