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Results of Taipei 2020 NASA International Space Apps Challenge Hackathon
October 5, 2020

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American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Logo

Results of Taipei 2020 NASA International Space Apps Challenge Hackathon
(NASA Hackathon)


AIT is partnering with the National Space Organization, the Taipei City Government, National Taiwan University, Jothon Online, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd and the American Innovation Center to host the 2020 NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackathon in Taiwan.  Around the world, more than 200 cities and tens of thousands of creative problem solvers will participate in this international event.  This year’s NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackathon was held virtually from October 2 to 4 in Taipei and across the globe.

This hackathon is one of NASA’s most innovative outreach activities. 2020’s theme is “Take Action.”  The aim of NASA Hackathon is to encourage participants to use NASA’s open data to increase our understanding of the universe and develop meaningful and feasible solutions that solve today’s challenges for sustainable development.

2020 marked the 9th year of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, and this was the fourth time that Taipei participated, with 25 teams and 113 participants – high school and college students, coders, scientists, makers, designers, artist, and problem solver enthusiasts.  “Buy It Crash It,” Taipei’s first place team, along with second place team “Omega,” will compete for the global grand prize: a chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  In 2017, the global winner for “Best Mission Concept” was “Space Bar,” a team from Taiwan.

In addition to the co-sponsors, Taipei’s 2020 NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackathon partners include the Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development, MediaTek, Department of Design, Taiwan Tech University of Science & Technology, Microsoft Taiwan, iThome, g0v Jothon and Muyueh Data Visualization Agency.

2020 Taipei NASA Hackathon Awards included the following:

Grand Prize Awards:

1st place:        NT$50,000
2nd place:       NT$20,000
3rd place:       NT$10,000

Special Awards:

  • “Technology Innovation Award” from MediaTek: NT30,000、NT20,000、NT10,000
  • The Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development: NT$10,000 (Criteria: The project should consider “Gendered Innovations.” GI is an acronym for Gendered Science and Technology Innovation. It is focused on the process of scientific and technological research and development that the perspective of “sex” and “gender” is incorporated to promote the innovation of science and technology and knowledge.)
  • Microsoft Taiwan: Two Xbox

The Winning Teams of the 2020 Taipei NASA Hackathon

  • First Place: “Buy It Crash It”
  • Second Place: “Omega”
  • Third Place: “Solar Women”

More information is available at: https://2020.spaceappschallenge.org/locations/taipei/event