RFQ No: TPE200-21-Q-0042 (Closing date: August 17, 2021 )

The American Institute in Taiwan (herein referred to as AIT) is hereby soliciting for a brand new 5 Ton Commercial Truck and welcomes vendors to submit a quotation for competition. If a firm is interested in bidding this solicitation, please contact AIT Procurement via email Taipei_Procurement@state.gov during office hours Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm (Taipei time). Clarification to all questions submitted by August 9, 2021 (Taipei Time) will be provided by e-mail before C.O.B. August 11, 2021 (Taipei Time).

Quotation submission deadline is August 17, 2021 noon (Taipei time).

Please note that AIT is a non-profit organization and all prices on the quote and the invoice submission should be tax exempted.  The payment will be made by EFT within 30 days after the order is fully received and accepted by AIT.  Thank you.

Request for Quotation

No. Description Q’ty Unit Unit Price (NTD/USD)




Brand New 5 Ton Commercial Truck

·      Manual Transmission

·      Gross Vehicle Weight (vehicle registered weight): 5,000kg

·      Height of Truck: 2000mm (± 20mm)

·      Electric Canvas Cover: elevate height up to 100cm and lower to the same height as the truck head

·      Dual Core Hydraulic Liftgate: lifting capacity 1000kg

(excludes weight of liftgate)

·      Standard Truck Bed with 5mm Truck Bed Mats

·      Quad Dash Cam: includes 4 Cameras, record 3-4 viewpoints at same time

·      One Side Mount Stainless Steel Toolbox

1 each    
Total Amount (VAT excluded) NTD/USD