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Supply Chain Restructuring and SME Financing
May 4, 2022

Supply Chain Restructuring and SME Financing

Event Title (Date): Supply Chain Restructuring and SME Financing ( April 14, 2021)

Fourth co-host: EU

Content of Workshop: The Bankers Association of the R.O.C. Chairman Joseph Jye-Cherng Lyu, Taiwan External Trade Development Council Chairman James Huang, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance President Hank Huang, AIT Deputy Economic Chief Arati Shroff, and other experts presented at the workshop to share experiences and best practices for improving supply chain resiliency in the Indo Pacific. Industry development experts, government officials, and specialists in SME finance and business development from countries in Asia, Middle East, and Europe joined the webinar to take lessons learned back to their own environment to make our economies stronger as we develop resilient and diverse supply chains for the future.

Key Attendees: AIT Director Brent Christensen, MOFA Minister Joseph Wu, JTEA Chief Representative Izumi Hiroyasu, and EETO Head Filip Grzegorzewski.

Number of Participating Countries: 26 countries