AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Former U.S. Congresswoman Pat Schroeder [Video]

AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Former U.S. Congresswoman Pat Schroeder [Video]

20 December, 2018 | News, Video

It is time for another edition of “AIT Presents 3 Questions”! Did you know that a record number of women ran for office in this year’s U.S. midterm elections? But the situation was very different 45 years …listen, as former U.S. Congresswoman Pat Schroeder tells us about what has changed since the time she entered ...

AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Erica Thomas on Midterm Elections [Video]

26 November, 2018 | News, Video

Special congratulations to the women candidates who won their races during Saturday’s elections! In our AIT Present 3 Questions: Midterm Elections Edition, recently re-elected Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas talks about “The Year of the Women” and shares her advice for young people who aspire to run for public office.

AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Uber COO Barney Harford [Video]

30 August, 2018 | Economic Affairs, News, Video

Have you ever taken an Uber or had UberEats deliver food from your favorite restaurant to your front door? Then you know the power of the sharing economy. In our latest episode of AIT Presents: 3 Questions, AIT Spokesperson Amanda and Uber Chief Operating Officer Barney Harford discuss how the sharing economy and artificial intelligence ...

AIT Presents: 3 Questions with Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales [Video]

20 July, 2018 | News, Video

What advice does Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales have for digital innovators? What is the role of web platforms like Wikipedia in combatting fake news? AIT spokesperson Amanda Mansour‘s exclusive interview has the answers! Special thanks to Meet Taipei for their contributions to this year’s Digital Innovation Forum!
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