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Taipei American Corner
March 26, 2018


The Taipei American Space at the main branch of the Taipei Public Library system was open in January 2011 and was upgraded to become an American Corner in 2012. The Taipei American Corner consists of e-books, audio-visual materials and over 1000 English books. In addition to the Kindles, this corner is also equipped with DVC equipment, touch screen PCs and iPads. Visitors to the Taipei American Corner can also access the Chinese version of InfoUSA e-books by using touch screen PCs.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 8:30-21:00, Sunday & Monday 9:00-17:00
Address: 3F, No.125, Sec. 2, Jianquo S. Rd., Taipei (Taipei Public Library-Main Library)
Tel: +886-(2)-2707-1008