The Talent Circulation Alliance White Paper process

August 26, 2019

Press Release 

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), in cooperation with Legislator Karen Yu’s office, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, and All Hands Taiwan, announced today that the recently launched Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA) will produce an annual White Paper to identify the administrative, regulatory, and legal obstacles to the circulation of talent between Taiwan and other like-minded economies and to propose practical solutions.  Please see attached Talent Circulation Alliance Fact Sheet for more information about this initiative.

Talent Circulation Alliance Fact Sheet

The Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA) is a public-private partnership that facilitates the circulation of talent between Taiwan and like-minded partners, with the goal of cultivating a deep pool of capable, internationally-integrated, and digitally savvy professionals.  It was founded as a partnership between AIT and the Taiwan Authorities, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau, and is implemented by the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, commonly known as Taiwan Fulbright.  The TCA was officially announced on April 16 at the U.S.-Taiwan Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit.

The TCA White Paper – which identifies the administrative, regulatory, and legal obstacles to the circulation of talent between Taiwan and other like-minded economies and proposes practical solutions – will become part of the American Chamber of Commerce’s annual White Paper, to be formally published in June 2020.  The TCA will engage with all relevant stakeholders to solicit their input on how best to accomplish TCA goals.  The goals of the TCA are to:

  • Recreate Taiwan’s industrial story for the digital age: Much of Taiwan’s industry was fueled by those who studied or worked in the United States and came back and founded new companies or populated existing top companies.  The TCA seeks to recreate this story for future generations.
  • Prevent brain drain: The best way to prevent the loss of talent is to create a viable alternative – namely the circulation of talent among like-minded economies, including the United States.
  • Grow Taiwan’s most important resource – its talent: Taiwan’s further transition to an innovation-based economy depends largely on cultivating sufficient professional, internationally-integrated, and digitally savvy talent.
  • Expand Taiwan’s international presence: While Taiwan’s formal diplomatic space may be constrained, expanding international professional exchange in the private sector, academia, and international NGOs will enable Taiwan to expand its international presence and amplify its contribution to global problem solving.

In addition to developing new exchange opportunities, the TCA will also organize a wide variety of public events to raise awareness about international professional exchange opportunities and emerging trends in global markets.

During 2019, the TCA will host the following events with Alliance partners:

  • September 19: AI Revolution:  Digital Transformation of Industry, with Dun & Bradstreet Chief Data Officer and U.S. Chief Data Officer of the Year Anthony Scriffignano.
  • September 27: Grand Opening of the Microsoft AI Research Center Training Academy
  • September 28: 1st Annual Talent Circulation Alliance Job Fair, in cooperation with All Hands Taiwan.
  • November 5-6: MAJOR EVENT:  Talent Circulation Summit, in cooperation with the Institute for Information Industry and the Association for Talent Development.
  • Early December: Forum on Internationalization of Taiwan’s Workforce

AIT will provide further details about these and other events as they become available. To become involved or find out more, send an email to