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The U.S.-Taiwan Education Initiative Activity – Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Symposium
January 16, 2021

Event: The U.S.-Taiwan Education Initiative activity – Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Symposium

Date: January 16, 2021


In collaboration with the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, AIT is pleased to kick off the first U.S.-Taiwan Education Initiative activity-Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Symposium for 200 Taiwan Chinese language teachers. AIT Director Christensen delivered the opening remarks, along with Deputy Secretary General Szu-Chien Hsu, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, Education Minister Wen-Chung Pan, and OCAC Minister Chen-Yuan Tung to support the U.S.-Taiwan Education Initiative at the Taipei International Convention Center. This symposium provides an opportunity for the teachers to learn about a variety of resources that U.S. and Taiwan have to offer and to talk about ways to enhance Taiwan’s Chinese language education.  Director’s remarks is here: https://www.ait.org.tw/remarks-by-ait-dir-christensen-chinese-language-symposium/