Tony Memmenl and His Band in Taiwan [Video]

AIT wants to send a big thank you to all our Taiwan friends who came out to cheer on #AmericanMusicAbroad Ambassadors Tony Memmel, Lesleigh Memmel, and Joey Wengerd! Their Taiwan tour was full of non-stop applause from passionate audiences, delicious food, and vibrant cultural exchanges. At the Taipei concert, over 200 people joined us holding umbrellas and singing in the pouring rain. In Tainan, Tony accompanied the audience, including a dozen people in wheelchairs, singing together the beautiful Taiwan folk tune “Four Season Red.” In Kaohsiung, the audience brought Tony to tears when they surprised him by singing Happy Birthday in English and Chinese. Thank you again to Tony Memmel and His Band, our Taiwan partners, and all of you who supported such a wonderful program! Check out the wrap-up slide show!