Required Documents

You are required to complete but NOT sign the following forms:

  • Form DS-2029 (PDF 104KB)– Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA)
    • Both parents, regardless of your nationality, must complete section 24 of the Form DS-2029.  The dates should be thorough as it will affect the eligibility of your child to become a U.S. citizen.   You need to provide either 5 years or 1 year of physical presence in the U.S.
  • Form DS-11(Online Form Filler, PDF 101.39KB) – Application for a Passport.
  • If you are submitting your application in Taipei, please complete one of the forms below:
  • If you are submitting your application in Kaohsiung, please complete one of the forms below:
  • Please print and sign the Requirements Checklist (PDF 444KB), and bring it to your appointment. This is the only form you should sign in advance.

All birth, adoption, marriage, death or divorce certificates must bear a date, the original seal, stamp or signature of the Official Custodian of the document. Notarized copies, church records and uncertified photocopies are not official documents and may be invalid as primary evidence. All documents must be originals and translated into English. We will return the original documents to you the same day.

It is usually possible in Taiwan to request English-language versions of common documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and household registration records.  Please request these.  All documents in any other language must be professionally translated.  The translation cannot be performed by your family member or friend; it must be performed by someone with a professional translation certification.  In addition, if a Chinese document is complex or longer than one page, such as a court order or a long affidavit, or if the original language is not Chinese, the translation should then be notarized before you bring it to AIT.

All forms, certificates, documents, and signatures must have the same name listed, or a legal name change document must be presented.

You are required to present the forms together with the following documents in English:

  • The child’s name should be the same as it will appear in his/her U.S. passport.
  • U.S. citizen parents:  the name listed on your child’s birth certificate must be your name in your U.S. passport.
  • Non U.S. citizen parents:  the name listed on your child’s birth certificate must be your name in your passport.
  • All the names listed on your child’s birth certificate should appear as follow:
    • Given name Middle name Last name (i.e. Jane Mei-Yun DOE).
    • Or Last name, Given name Middle name (i.e. DOE, Jane Mei-Yun)  (Note the comma after the last name).
  • The birth certificate must bear a date of issuance, the attending physician’s signature, and hospital’s official seal.  (NB: The signature must be the physician’s signature, not that of the hospital director or other official.)

Please bring one original and one photocopy.

Original or court certified copy of the marriage certificate issued by the appropriate authorities in the country in which the marriage took place. All documents not in English must be translated.  If the parents are not married, this is not required.

Please bring the original and 1 photocopy of the document.

If either parent has been married previously, they should present the Divorce Decree or Death Certificate for all previous marriages.

Please bring the original and 1 photocopy of the document.

Please note: Divorce Agreement is not acceptable.

Please bring ALL applicable evidence listed below:

  • Valid U.S. passport(s):  please bring the original and 2 photocopies (page with your photo and signature).
  • Valid or expired U.S. passport prior to the birth of the child.
  • The original Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship.
  • U.S. issued official birth certificate of the U.S. parent.

First, please refer to our website to review the physical presence requirements for transmission of citizenship and ensure you are bringing sufficient evidence to demonstrate the length of presence in the U.S. required for your circumstances.

Next, please see Proof of Physical Presence in the United States of the U.S. Citizen Parent(s) for further information.

Please bring the original and 1 photocopy of the document(s).

The non-U.S. citizen parent must bring his/her passport.

Please bring the original and 2 photocopies of the biographic page of the document (page with your photo and signature).

One passport sized (2 × 2 inch / 5 x 5 cm) photograph – see photo requirements for specific information.  Photos which do not meet the requirements will be rejected.