Change of Surname by Marriage

Please submit the following:

  • Application form: Please click here to learn about the application form to be used;
  • A Social Security Number (SSN) is required for all passport applications. You must have your SSN ready when completing the form.  If you do not have your SSN on hand or do not recall the number, click here to learn more about obtaining your SSN.  If you have never applied for an SSN, you still need to contact the Social Security Administration Office in Manila to obtain a confirmation email that an SSN was never assigned to you. Please do not schedule an appointment for passport renewal until you have contacted the Social Security Administration in Manila to confirm whether or not you have an SSN
  • One photograph (2 x 2 inch / 5cm x 5cm): Click here for more information on passport photo requirements;
  • Your most recent U.S. passport: Page with your photo and signature, original and 1 photocopy;
  • Written statement: Explaining the reasons for your name change. Sign and date the statement.
  • Your marriage certificate: Original and 1 photocopy.  The marriage certificate must be issued by a lawful authority, and it must contain your and your spouse’s full names.
  • Application fee: click here.
  • Schedule an appointment:  You are required to appear in person to submit your application if you are using form DS-11, otherwise you can renew by mail.