Social Security

Effective October 1, 2017, AIT no longer provides support services for the Social Security Administration.

If you reside in Taiwan and have questions regarding services provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA), you must contact the SSA Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) located in the Philippines.  For more information on their services and how to contact them, please click here to visit their web page.

For comprehensive information on SSA’s services abroad, please visit SSA’s web page Service Around the World.

If you are already receiving SSA benefits payments, there will be no change in the method of distribution of those payments.

For latest information please check – Federal Benefits and Obligations Abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for or renew your U.S. passport, you must confirm the status of your Social Security Number (SSN) with the Social Security Administration (SSA) before submitting your passport application. Contact SSA in Manila for assistance if one of the below applies to you:

  1. You have a SSN but do not remember the number; or
  2. You are uncertain whether you have a SSN



Tel: +63-2-5301-2000 extension 9, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00am to 11:00am

Mailing Address:
Social Security Administration
U.S. Embassy – Manila
1201 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita
Manila, Philippines 0930


Please include the personal information of the passport applicant.

  • First Name:
  • Middle Name: (if applicable)
  • Last name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Birth:
  • Mother’s Full Name:
  • Father’s Full Name:
  • U.S. Passport Application submitted to: AIT Taipei or AIT Kaohsiung

Please use the checklist (PDF 286KB) to prepare your application package for a Social Security Number (SSN).  Once your application package is complete, please schedule an appointment online for “Notarial Services”  to submit your application in person at AIT.

Download Statement of Late Filing in Connection to SSN Application and Mandatory In-Person Interview Worksheet (PDF 81KB).

Please contact SSA Manila for the status of your SSN application.

Bring these original documents to AIT, along with photocopies you make yourself, and we will certify that the photocopies are true copies of the originals.  You can then send these true copies to Manila.

NB:  You must make a notarial appointment.