U.S. Elections 2016: A Message from AIT Director Moy [Video]

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, I would like to encourage all U.S. citizens living in Taiwan to register to vote absentee.  Democracy is one of our core values as Americans, and a value we share with Taiwan.  Registration is simple and takes about as much time as it is taking me to type this post.  Don’t forget to register to vote through FVAP.gov today!…km

Video Transcript

  • Hello from the American Institute in Taiwan.
  • As we gear-up to celebrate the founding of our country, I’m reminded of the first time I voted.
  • I remember taking it so seriously that the night before casting my ballot I took out a pad and pen, and wrote down all of my selections, down to the local judges and propositions and local council members, so I wouldn’t forget my choices.
  • As I look back, my career has taken me to many places.  I have actually voted absentee more often than in my own district.
  • And that includes places like New York, Seoul, Beijing, and now Taipei.
  • Democracy is one of our core values as Americans, and as U.S. citizens living here in Taiwan, it is clear that this is a value we share with Taiwan.  While it may be several years since I cast my first ballot, the importance of voting has not diminished.
  • As we approach the 2016 U.S. presidential election, I encourage all U.S. citizens – even though we are far from home – to vote absentee.
  • Registering is simple and only takes a few minutes; just visit FVAP.gov to learn about the procedures for your state.
  • And remember, as we prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence:  democracy works when you make your voice heard.