U.S. Universities Lead the way to the Oh! Zone Web Radio Station

American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Logo

PR-0945E | The Commercial Section of the American Institute in Taiwan congratulated the Oh! Zone for launching Taiwan’s newest all-English web radio station.  The web radio station features programs provided by several leading U.S. universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware and University of Southern California.

The Oh! Zone Radio Network officially launches on October 7, 2009, with an all-English, non-commercial program line up from an all-star roster of campus radio stations.  Over 60 DJ’s will be broadcasting the newest and most diverse music heard in Taiwan, and introducing the latest trends from America and around the world.

The Oh! Zone website also features Radio-On-Demand allowing listeners to select from nearly 100 simultaneous programs streams.  It also features Radio-On-The-Go so that listeners can download their favorite programs to their computers and MP3 players.

Further information on the Oh! Zone can be found at their website:  http://www.OhZone.org/