United States and Taiwan Conclude the Second Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF) Joint Committee Meeting

The second U.S.-Taiwan Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF) Joint Committee meeting was held in Taipei on November 15, 2016, under  the auspices of AIT and TECRO, with the strong support and participation of representatives  from both the United States and Taiwan authorities.  In their opening remarks at the meeting, AIT Director Kin Moy, Vice Foreign Minister Leo Chen-jan Lee, and U.S. Department of State Acting Special Representative for the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships Thomas Debass praised the GCTF’s model of mobilizing U.S. and Taiwan expertise to help build the capacity of countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region and around the world to address today’s global challenges.

During the meeting, both sides reviewed the accomplishments from this year’s GCTF activities and exchanged views on priority areas of cooperation for 2017.  Since the GCTF launched in June 2015, the United States and Taiwan authorities have jointly held six workshops on women’s empowerment, public health, and e-commerce, with over 100 participants from 21 countries across Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific Islands.